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How To Control, Treat And Prevent Super Lice In NJ!


There have been numerous studies that prove more than 12 million people are diagnosed with lice every year. For a long time, people have relied on fast and easy over the counter treatments to rid themselves of lice.Now many studies have proven that these pesticide-based product if fact no longer work.

Just as little as three years ago, the effectiveness of OTC head lice treatment products was only approaching 25%. Now these very same products are proving ineffective 100% of the time they’re used.

Why the massive change?

Super Lice is the reason. Super Lice have acclimated to the harsh (yes harsh) pesticides that were traditionally utilized to prevent and treat head lice.

Super Lice have taken over New Jersey and the U.S.!


Head Lice that have become immune to the chemically based pesticide treatment solutions. They can withstand the pesticides that we have relied on in the past. Like earlier existing head lice, without a host, they cannot survive more than 48 hours. They can’t fly or jump, or carry diseases. Unlike prior existing head lice, they are more than twice as hard to kill if you don’t take proper treatment action.

Super Head Lice can be transmitted the same as normal head lice, through close head to head contact and the sharing of personal objects. Just like the lice generations before them, they are principally found on kids and young adults.

However, with the increase of photo selfies and handheld electronic devices, we have seen an increase of lice in older teenagers and adults. No one is resistant to being infested with Super Lice.

In fact, 48 out of 50 states established that Super Head Lice had become a major dilemma.

Heere at Lice Lifters we know that the problem exists in all 50 states and the world.

So how can you know and guarantee that your child is head lice free and can stay lice free?


If the Super Head Lice are becoming immune to over the counter treatments, and health professionals are prescribing medicine (which are just more powerful and more inefficient pesticides) that won’t do the job, where else can you turn to for help?

Fortunately for you, Lice Lifters Treatment Center in Cranford NJ services the North Jersey area!

We also are part of the leading head lice removal service in the country to use all natural lice treatment products that include no pesticides, chemicals or toxins in our ingredients. Lice Lifters staff are friendly, skilled and certified to provide all natural head lice treatments for the entire family.

How We Work:

1: We start with a basic head-check, where we comb through sections of hair to check for nits and active full grown lice. If we find what you feared, we do a full comb out of the head using natural products and our specially designed micro-grooved comb to remove the nits from the roots of the hair.

2: One we remove all of the nits we apply our all natural lice killing agent to the entire head. Because of its unique make-up and natural ingredients, there won’t be any sign of irritation. Meaning, no itching, burning, or swelling of the scalp and most importantly no concerns about chemical exposure to your family.

3: Once Lice Lifters Solution is applied you get to go home! Of course, we send you home with everything you will need. You can rinse the solution out of the hair in the comfort of your home and then use the tools and products we send you back with keep your house lice free!

Along with lice removal services, we’re also the foremost experts to turn to for super lice prevention tips!

Our recommendations:

Avoid most head to head contact.
Limit the sharing of most to all clothing, pillows, helmets, etc.
Machine wash and dry any likely lice infected articles using hot water and high heat drying cycles.
Vacuum floors and if possible pieces of furniture where the infested head has touched.
Schedule an appointment for a lice head check today! Because as we say the best way to treat head lice is to prevent head lice and with Lice Lifters of NJ, you’ll find all you need.

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