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Blame Lice On Nix, Rid And Other Pesticide Products!

Every night on the news we hear about wars going on and should we help fight. The one war that my kid’s school seems to battle each year is LICE. What about the news doing something to help the conflict that I am battling closer to home? Millions including myself are fighting and losing the battle against Head Lice.
I know lice have been around for millions of years. I have even see ancient lice combs. For years over the counter pesticide treatments like Nix and Rid were the go to products. Well now those products don’t work anymore. Besides being dangerous, lice have grown resistant to them and thus the birth of Super Lice began.

I am talking about the deadly war against nits, cooties, head lice, and critters. Why are these products still on the shelf if they don’t work? The companies are getting rich, but they don’t care about our battle. I am going to stop my battle now. I can’t do it alone! I am going to Lice Lifters in Cranford. Lice Lifters guarantees they can get rid of lice naturally.

Lice Lifters in Cranford will help me win the war on lice. Call Lice Lifters of Cranford to schedule your appointment today 484-368-3383!!!

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