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Head Lice
Removal Services

Available Head Lice Treatment Services

Head Check

We must first verify that a head lice infestation is the problem that you or any family members have before commencing any treatment. We do this with a lice head check. It involves one of our kid-friendly and certified lice technicians utilizing a specialized lice comb to search through your loved one’s hair and scalp to detect lice and their nits. If lice are found, we’ll apply the cost of this critical diagnostic step toward whatever treatment option you then wish us to apply.

Lice Lifters Treatment

One of our certified technicians applies our Lice Lifters Mousse to the hair and scalp of any infested family members. This loosens the lice eggs, known as nits, which are attached to the base of hair follicles with a glue-like substance. It also stuns the live lice, which makes it easier for us to more thoroughly remove them with our meticulous comb-out of the hair and scalp. Our Lice Lifters Solution is then applied to kill any lice that managed to escape the comb-out.

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Why Is the Lice Lifters Treatment Superior to Others?

At Lice Lifters of North Jersey, we know New Jersey families need a safe, fast and effective solution to the problem of head lice, and we have the comprehensive treatment that offers this. Unlike the toxins used in over-the-counter products, our products are completely safe and natural. Many lice, known as super lice, have also grown immune to the pesticides used in these products, but our treatment is still fully effective against them. Also, at Lice Lifters, we like to offer you options and flexibility when it comes to paying for our affordable treatment. You can pay using your health savings account or flex spending account.

The Lice Lifters Difference

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