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Caring For Camps

Licelifters® Detection and Education Program for Summer Camps

Going to camp is associated with lots of things. While families expect an occasional scraped knee or a bout of homesickness, the last thing that they want to worry about is their kid bringing home head lice at the end of the summer. Unfortunately, all it takes is one louse to send an infestation spreading through the bunks like wildfire. Fortunately, we provide several services that help to care for campers so that everyone enjoys their summer.

Prevent the Spread of Head Lice With Education

Most head lice infestations are preventable. During the early days of your camp, our technicians will come to your site and spend time talking to everyone about how to avoid spreading head lice. Our team knows how to explain things such as to avoid sharing hats to campers in kid-friendly language while doing demonstrations that help the information stick. We can also cover things such as how to do head checks during your parent and staff orientations so that everyone can work as a team to identify lice problems early.

Instill Confidence Among Parents

Your camp parents trust you with their precious little family members, and filling them in on your lice prevention strategies lets them know that you care. We also offer several products that families can order to use on their campers hair. Our Lice LIfters Mint Spray is all natural and safe enough for campers to use themselves to prevent head lice. Families can also choose to use our Lice Lifters Lice Solution Kit that contains a comb and our natural solution to treat any suspected cases of lice when their child returns home.

Our staff at Lice Lifters has more than seven years of experience under their belt with helping summer camps keep lice out of everyone’s hair. From educating campers about lice prevention to doing head checks and treatment evaluations, we’ve got you covered so that all anyone remembers about their summer is just having a whole lot of fun.

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