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Thank you so much for your help! This center came highly recommended to me and I am highly recommending it to all of you in need of help with these critters.
Mich Lugo
3 days ago
Amazing, friendly and professional!. Sent a message on the contact forn and took us right away and picked my hair and all 4 of my girls hair!.
Nicole Ott
4 months ago
immediately was given an appointment. Brenda, was very thourough, detailed and explained everything step by step. Thank you!!
Zina Garber
7 months ago
I LOVED MY FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE WITH LICE LIFTERS. They were so honest and fair with their prices. The two ladies that were there are well informed and had so much patience with me (I was a total a wreck) and with my kids, so I’m thankful for their help. I will definitely recommend my family and friends to lice lifters. YOU GUYS ARE LIFESAVERS!
Paola Cacha
1 year ago
When my wife found out our kids had lice- she was freaking out and stressed out, the staff was able to calm down my wife and explained to us everything in detail. This location was able to get my family in fast and were very friendly and patient with my kids. My family is so grateful for the amazing ladies that work in this location.
J Navedo
1 year Ago
We couldn’t have asked for a better place with fantastic people who are super knowledgeable- Our techs names were Brenda & Emily and they were friendly and also went beyond to make our family comfortable and make the experience fun!! I highly recommend this place to families in need of lice removal.
A Jeffery
1 year ago
Lice lifters was a life saver! They did a wonderful job treating my daughter and answered all my questions. Even weeks later when I thought the lice came back, they answered the phone at 8:00pm. They were so patient and thorough. They answered all my questions and made me feel so much better. Thank you Lice Lifters!
Deanna Fox
4 years ago
I couldn’t have been more relieved then when I left Lice Lifters after my family’s experience with lice. We had tried everything to get rid of lice, but we weren’t successful. Mary and her team in Cranford help us, made me feel better about not being successful on my own and we are now lice free! Thank you lice lifters. We will use the Nit Nanny Mint spray every day.
Jen Schindler
5 years ago
My daughter and wife went to Lice Lifters in Cranford after the home remedy Nix did not work. The staff at Lice Lifters did a tremendous job and now both my wife and daughter are lice free after only one session and one treatment. Lice Lifters in Cranford is remarkable and I would recommend that anybody with a problem with lice visit Lice Lifters.
Matthew Drago
5 years ago

What Makes Our Lice Treatment The Best?

All of our Union County lice removal salon products are 100 percent natural and perfectly safe for everyday use. You can purchase these products as well as at-home kits at our treatment center. You can also be confident that our products will work on all head lice. Even so-called “super lice” that have grown immune to the toxins in other head lice products won’t stand a chance against our all-natural, completely effective products.

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