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Best Lice Removal Services In Union County NJ

Head lice have become increasingly resistant to over-the-counter products. At Lice Lifters of North Jersey, we help New Jersey residents rid their families of these annoying parasitic insects that live on your scalp. Our safe and all-natural lice treatment is widely considered to be the best in the state.

At our New Jersey lice clinic, we get rid of the nits, the live lice and the itching after a single head lice treatment. If you believe your children have lice, our lice removal salon gives you a convenient, safe and effective lice removal option.

Get the Best Lice Removal for Your Money

Based in Cranford, New Jersey, our lice salon can help eradicate the problem of head lice for you. We are convenient to you if you’re in Union County or a neighboring county. When any of your children get head lice, you just want the problem handled as quickly and simply as possible, which is why we are here for you. Don’t waste your money on ineffective over-the-counter products.

We have been a part of the community for over a decade. With our certified expert technicians, industry-leading solution, you will be lice free. When you place your trust in us, we take that seriously. That’s why we stand by our process with a 30-day guarantee. When you are here, you are not a client – you are family.

Why Do Families Choose Lice Lifters For Lice Removal In Union County?

Completely Safe and Natural

Unlike the toxins used in OTC products, our lice treatment is totally safe for your family.

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Trained Lice Technicians

Our kid-friendly, certified lice technicians will put your kids at ease while quickly and thoroughly eliminating their lice.

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Superior to Mobile Lice Removal Services

We are conveniently located for families in and around Union County, New Jersey, and our treatment process is unrivaled by mobile services.

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The best part of our lice removal service is that we treat your entire family at once.
It's 100% safe and all-natural and 99.9% effective, and you're all done in one treatment!

Lice Lifters Blog

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The head lice epidemic is at an all-time high, and parents across the country are worried about the new super lice that kids catch in group settings. Super lice are simply normal head lice that have become resistant to the typical treatments that doctors prescribe to kill them off. Over time, the lice have evolved

No-Panic Guide to Head Lice Treatment

If you see your child scratching their heads intensely or get a call from the school about an outbreak of head lice, you’re first reaction may be horror. However, any individual can pick up head lice from close head-to-head contact or sharing hats grooming utensils. A head lice infestation, which is called “pediculosis,” doesn’t reflect

Can Dogs Get Lice

Having to deal with lice is something that parents and school staff are used to. If a child randomly contracts head lice, people may start to wonder if their pet is at risk. You may be wondering “Are dogs susceptible to the same type of lice as humans?” Lice is Unable to Be Spread Between

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