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Super Lice! Stay Calm & Get Combing

The head lice epidemic is at an all-time high, and parents across the country are worried about the new super lice that kids catch in group settings. Super lice are simply normal head lice that have become resistant to the typical treatments that doctors prescribe to kill them off. Over time, the lice have evolved to the point that many prescription and over-the-counter pesticides no longer work.

While the thought of dealing with these new super lice may be terrifying, the truth is that they are possible to treat who you work with a lice removal specialist.


Your first reaction at the sight of lice may be to head directly to the pharmacy to pick up some chemicals and wage some serious warfare. However, this tactic is ineffective on super lice that have someone developed immunity to these treatments.

The use of chemical-based treatments has also caused the lice problem to spread. Since parents think that the issue is resolved with a simple shampooing, they send their kids back to school and daycare completely unaware that they still have live lice and nits on their hair.


So what’s a parent to do? While it is frustrating that old methods no longer work for lice control, you actually have better options at your disposal. Fast lice removal is easily accomplished by using natural methods that have worked for years before chemicals came into play.

Your first line of attack should be a visit to your local professional head lice clinic. Here, your child’s head is checked to determine the full extent of the lice problem. With the Lice Lifters system, a professional technician can then apply natural treatments to your child’s hair that eliminate the lice and make it easier to comb out the eggs.


Lice removal for kids doesn’t have to be painful or irritating to their delicate scalps. At home, you can make lice removal easier by choosing to use a metal-comb that is specially designed to remove nits. The Lice Lifters Nit Removal Comb is made with special long, grooved teeth that gently lift the nits out of your child’s hair. It is also the same professional-grade comb that our technicians use. It is easily sterilized and can be used for preventive combing after you get rid of the first infestation.


Panicky parents often want to know what the secret is for avoiding another round of head lice. The truth is that combing is still the ticket to head lice prevention. When you get that dreaded letter from school saying that a head lice breakout is happening, just pull out the comb each night and use it to ensure that no stray lice survive.

This strategy is so effective that many parents do a weekly comb through just to be on the safe side.

As you hear about super lice on the news, be sure to use the opportunity to give your family’s heads a check. If you do find lice, don’t panic. Natural pesticides combined with a thorough comb-through is all it takes to get your child’s hair shining and lice-free.

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