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Don’t “Overkill” Cleaning Your House For Lice

Time and time again we get calls, or people come in frazzled, having just finished spraying the house and furniture ” FOR LICE” , bagging everything not tied down, and planning to leave those things in the bags for 2 weeks or longer! STOP ! No spraying is necessary, not only is it potentially harmful and a pesticide, the sprays do no better than ordinary vacuuming of surfaces , and ONLY the surfaces that the infected person might have laid their head. If one does not lie on the bathroom floor, you do not have to vacuum the bathroom! Same goes for the kitchen, or garage.

Lice can not live off the human head longer than 2-3 days, therefore the reasoning behind bagging things for 2 weeks is just wrong. Another thing, there is no need to use a bag at all. Please just take the items that the head may have been in contact with, and set it apart, even just in a room that can be left closed for 2-3 days. No items need to be washed! The heat of the dryer for 30 minutes on its highest setting is all that is needed to kill lice and nits. Remember, the louse always prefers to stay on a head, because they need the warmth and the blood supply. Rarely will you catch lice or become re-infested by a louse waiting for a head to return! Head to head contact is the primary way lice spread. So, in summary , don’t “OVER KILL” on cleaning and bagging. It is far simpler than the awful tales people tell!

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