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Our Clients Feedback!

Here are the highlights of some of our clients reviews. You can also view reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List, and Facebook.

“They were helpful and very knowledgeable. It was definitely worth the money. I feel that they provided us with many options for different levels of treatment”.

“Love this place. I have two daughters with long, thick hair. One I was sure had lice, the other I wasn’t sure. Lice Lifters did a very thorough head check on all of us. They determined that only one of use had lice. I appreciated the honesty because at that point, they could have told us we all had eggs and I would have believed them. The head checks they did were long and again, I appreciated that. If there’s a chance of lice, take your time ensuring I have it or not. My one daughter received the Louse Buster treatment. Again, the process was somewhat long, but so is my daughter’s hair. I appreciated the detail and orderly way they went about their work. I was given specific instructions how to prevent any future lice. Ok, it’s not cheap but it works. I knew walking out of there that my daughter was lice free. I followed the instructions and ta-da ….. still no lice. Several years ago, my daughters had lice and I treated them on my own. It was a nightmare and I was never sure if I got it all. The feeling of having it all gone once I left Lice Lifters was fantastic!! Thank you!!”

“It’s not cheap but you really don’t want to mess around with lice. Go to Lice Lifters and get rid of it – completely! If you do it yourself, you never know if you got it all and it can really take over your life. The Louse Lifters treatment works. Kills the lice and then the technicians do a very, very thorough comb through to remove any eggs. That part is completely worth the price”.

“They were so nice and completely professional. The staff person who checked my head did a totally thorough job and she talked about lice to me while she was working. She was knowledgable and quick. She found no evidence of lice or nits in my hair, to my great relief. My son was also clear. I was really upset the day before trying to comb through my hair to make sure I had no lice, but either I did a better job than I thought or I never really had them at all. In any event, this is definitely the place to go if you have lice, or just think you do. A thorough head check is only $30.00. Well worth peace of mind. They have great products – the lice comb they use is phenomenal. I bought one for my neighbor because she was treating her daughter at home the same time I was at Lice Lifters. So I brought her that comb and she said it was a godsend -she found way more nits with this comb than the one that comes in the box of home treatment. I also bought a comb for myself to keep in the house, and also bought some detangling spray that acts as a lice deterrent. Lice Lifters also has a heat treatment they can use to kill the lice and nits, if you have them. Then they give you a step by step at home cleaning routine to ensure the breakout is over. if we ever have a breakout again, I am heading straight for Lice Lifters instead of the drugstore. I will never waste my time with over the counter products again. Now off to do 14 loads of laundry…..”

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