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At our Lice Treatment clinic in Cranford NJ, we can treat your entire family all at once.

Head lice are bothersome to all who have contracted it, and all we want is to get rid of it as effortlessly and quickly as possible. At our Head Lice Treatment & Removal Center in Cranford, North New Jersey, we have certified lice removal technicians that implement a non-toxic lice removal service that is highly effective. Lice Lifters works and is 100% effective and All-Natural!

When lice invade your classroom, daycare or home it is important to know that all “nit pickers” are not created equal, Lice Lifters Lice Treatment Center in New Jersey uses an all natural agent to treat lice. Most do not use a killing agent for the bugs and with just combing, they might leave two or more nits in the hair. This will start the cycle all over again! With just one trip to our Cranford treatment center, the nits & lice will be gone, and the itching will stop.

When you feel your child has contracted lice, our head lice treatment near Short Hills and Essex County is the only place you need to visit for effective and safe removal.

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Contact Lice Lifters of North NJ today and set your appointment to remove lice today! Safe, non-toxic and effective. One treatment and you're done.

Lice Lifters of North Jersey removes and eliminates lice!

With our use of the Lice Lifters all natural treatment, all stages of your head lice will be treated—from the live lice that feeds on your scalp, to the eggs they have laid (nits). The best part, this removal process only takes an hour to complete. You don’t have to use mayonnaise and olive oil for two weeks —or other remedies— our treatment is all natural. To ensure the safety of our patients, this treatment doesn’t include any chemicals or poisons that have a harmful effect on your body.

After receiving our lice removal services at our New Jersey Lice Treatment Center, you’ll leave our North Jersey lice treatment center with a refreshed feeling, able to return to school and resume your daily activities. When performing comb outs we utilize Lice Lifters products to relieve your hair of nits. Lice Lifters is an all-natural solution that is chemical free. We have quickly become one of the elite removal services for those infested with head lice in the tri-state area.

We don’t want to see another outbreak in you or your child’s hair, so we recommend using the Lice Lifters Mint Detangler Spray, which is also a deterrent, as well as The Lice Lifters NIt Removal Comb for head checks once a week. Located in Union County, we have a convenient location for residents in Essex County, Middlesex County, Bergen County, and even New York City.

In our Lice Lifter treatment video to the right, you can see what makes our treatments and lice removal services near Westfield, NJ the most effective and child-friendly in the industry. Learn about the Head Lice Myths vs. the Facts

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  • Thank you to everyone at The Lice Lifters. You have no idea how great this service is to a mom when she panics after hearing the word lice. The staff was so patient and nice, and made the trip in so relaxing and quick! Thank you again!
    Linda J., Cranford, NJ
  • My wife called at work, kids had lice. Both daughters, from camp. Looked online, found Lice Lifters and they scheduled us same day and treated us all and made the girls feel comfortable, dad too. Great company, I highly recommend.
    Ben H., Elizabeth, NJ
  • Just before school start, I find the kids have lice. Panic came first, but searched online and found Lice Lifters. My appointment was made that day, and panic was gone. Mary was great and I would recommend Lice Lifters to anyone and everyone. Thanks!
    Jennifer G, Newark, NJ