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Social Media Helps The Spread Of Head Lice Selfies

Head lice, normally a childhood condition, is now a problem for all including teens and the older population.

This is definitely the result of Social Media Lice. Grandparents, parents and kids pose for smartphone photos and videos many times throughout the day. Touching heads with others while trying to get the perfect shot. This head to head contact although brief is enough time to transfer lice from one head to another.
Michele Barrack the owner of Lice Lifters Franchising and of two Lice Lifters Treatment Centers said,”we are seeing a definite shift in the age of our clients. Lice Lifters still primarily treats elementary-aged children, significantly more teens and even college students are coming in for treatment. Michele Barrack believes this shift in age has to do with Social Media Lice, occurring when kids are snapping selfies.”
The CDC claims there are roughly 12 million infestations of head lice every year in the U.S., these are just the reported cases. At first there were reports that 25 states were home to “mutant” lice also known as “Super” lice. Lice Lifters knew that most lice are Super Lice. They see it every day in their treatment centers. Sure enough the latest reports show that Super Lice are in 48 states. Soon we will be hearing that Super Lice are all over the world. Lice Lifters already gets calls from South America and the Middle East about OTC products not working.

“The fact is that over-the-counter treatments no longer work. Lice are resistant to the pesticides and chemicals, and while it might get some of the lice out, it usually doesn’t get them all,” Michele Barrack said. “All lice are very resistant and Super Lice are the same lice as before but dangerous pesticides just don’t work anymore.”

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