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Lice Lifters offers Delaware County schools the opportunity to provide parents and students that attend their facility with valuable information that minimizes missed days from school and an abundance of frustration. Live is a problem for many parents and for schools every single year. We’d be honored to come to your school to provide our 30-minute educational program that discusses lice, teaches how to check for lice and nits, and, of course, how to treat them. It is our gift to our fellow friends and neighbors in the community, and to your school.

What Are Lice?

Lice are small insects that feed on the human scalp. Lice have been around for tens of thousands of years and never seem to really go away. Every school year, elementary schools and middle schools face problems with lice that can quickly spread and cause an epidemic in the area. Many parents find eliminating lice to be one of the greatest challenges of their lives. They’ve been around since humans began wearing clothes and never seem to really go away. Schools find problems with lice amongst their students every single year. Many parents battle lice infestations throughout the year.

A Program for Students & Parents

It is easy to prevent lice before they occur given the right information. During our presentation, we ensure that parents and students learn how to prevent lice. We also ensure that attendees learn how to check for lice and the proper removal methods for their needs. Every attendee leaves the program with handouts that further help keep lice away once they’re at home.

Our program is fun, interactive, and educational. Empower your community with important lice information with the help offered from Lice Lifters. Although we may be unable to stop lice, we can stop them from burdening those in your school.

  • No cost to your school
  • Various time slots and dates available
  • Educational handouts for every attendee
  • Provide information that prevents missed school days and the spread of lice in your school
  • We offer our program at summer camps, too
  • Easy-to- schedule a program