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Potentially Deadly Head Lice Treatment

Potentially Deadly Head Lice Treatment

A young girl was left fighting for her life with severe facial and head burns after a head lice treatment burst into flames in her hair.

Jodie O’Donoghue, now 10, is still having treatment following the incident back in 2007. She had the Prioderm product in her hair after her parents treated her and her 12-year-old sister Jasmine for a head lice outbreak. As she blew out a candle at the family home in Tipperary, Ireland, the lotion ignited, setting her hair, cheeks and ears alight.

The flames spread from Jodie’s forehead to her hair, cheeks and ears – leaving her with terrible injuries.

The manufacturers of Prioderm, Reckitt Benckiser, has stated that “at the time of the incident, which we understand was in 2007, Prioderm was part of the Seton/SSL portfolio which was later acquired by Reckitt Benckiser in November 2010. There are no safety issues with the product when used in accordance with the instructions”. However, the main ingredient in Prioderm is malathion which is highly flammable. Products containing malathion include this warning, “This medication contains an ingredient that could easily catch fire (flammable). Avoid smoking, being around open flames (e.g., fireplaces, stoves, campfires), or electric heat sources such as heaters, hair dryers, and curlers/hair irons while using malathion”.

Malathion is an organophosphate which is the are the basis of many insecticides, herbicides and nerve gases. The EPA lists organophosphates as very highly acutely toxic to bees, wildlife, and humans. Malathion is the main ingredient of several head lice treatments including Ovide which is available by prescription to treat head lice.

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