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How To Get Rid Of Lice In My House?

At Lice Lifters Cranford, we often hear about steps parents take when they find out a child of theirs has head lice. Some of these are questionable ways of treating the head lice on their child’s head. Other steps they take have to do with their home itself. Many parents will spend hours cleaning and fumigating the home when this may not be the best use of their time.


When answering the question of how to get lice out of your home, the first step is to ascertain if this is actually the right question. At our NJ head lice treatment clinic, we educate parents about the fact that lice are parasitic insects that live off the blood under the human scalp. They must feed regularly, so they die fairly quickly if they fall off a scalp onto a pillow, furniture or anything else in the environment.

Since they only survive about 48 hours off of the head, the house itself may not be the best place to spend most of your time, effort or money when seeking to solve this problem. After head lice treatment on the head of your loved one with lice, they could conceivably pick them back up again from a pillow or hat before they’ve had a chance to die. So, there may be some sense to washing pillowcases, hats and clothes worn by the infested person and vacuuming any place they frequently sit but don’t waste your time sanitizing the entire house.


Now that you know that you should spend your effort on handling the problem at the source, what is the best way of treating a head lice infestation? You need a lice treatment that will remove the lice and their eggs, which are known as nits. An all-natural treatment would also be preferable to the over-the-counter treatments used for years that contain toxic pesticides that, honestly, most lice have grown immune to anyway.


To get rid of lice on any of your children afflicted with them, you should seek out professional head lice removal companies. More particularly, find an all-natural lice removal service, so you can be confident your loved ones won’t have an adverse reaction to the products used by the head lice clinic. Not surprisingly, we are going to recommend our head lice treatment clinic for families in the Cranford, New Jersey area.


One reason you can be confident that our lice removal process is fast and effective is that head lice removal is all we do. If parents were not satisfied with our success at eliminating this problem for them, we would have gone out of business years ago.

If you suspect your kids have head lice, or if their presence has been brought to your attention by a school nurse, bring them into our all-natural lice removal service. Once you step through the door at our kid-friendly head lice clinic, you will be treated like family. One of our certified lice technicians will do a head check to verify they have lice. This is followed by the commencement of a fast lice removal process that uses techniques and products that are 100 percent safe and natural. When lice strike, contact our team at Lice Lifters Cranford before you start unnecessarily cleaning every cubic inch of your home. We’ll handle the head lice infestation in a single trip for your entire family, and at our head lice treatment clinic, you’ll also get practical advice on how to keep them from coming back.

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