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How To Avoid Unwanted Halloween “Treats”

It is important to check for lice after Halloween. Beware! Your children can bring home more than just candy and pencils for their Halloween “treats”.

Head lice is a concern for both children and adults this time of year as they try on costumes, wigs, masks and hats at the local Halloween Store. Off a human host, a louse can live up to 48 hours and can lurk on these items, waiting for a new, yummy scalp to feed upon.

When your children took photos at school with their classmates, and their heads and hair touched this is when more than 90% of head lice is passed from head to head. Also, after your daughters shared brushes when putting hair up in a “witchdo”.

If you want to try and prevent lice from stopping by your house this Halloween weekend, The Nit Nanny Mint Detangler Spray smells great and works to keep the lice away. If you have a concern that spooky lice have visited our Nit Nanny Solution will get scare your lice away. Be careful and cautious this Halloween, but if lice do make a visit, Lice Lifters Treatment Centersare here to help you prevent this holiday from becoming a Nightmare!

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