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Head Lice Treatment Center In Short Hills NJ

The Best Head Lice Treatment Center In Short Hills and Northern New Jersey

Our friends in Short Hills NJ already know that the Lice Lifters Treatment Center in Cranford offers the BEST head lice removal service in the area. With our Cranford treatment center only 10 miles away from Short Hills, we provide a highly effective and efficient lice service, making the trip well worthwhile. Most Nit Pickers do not use a killing agent, however, Lice Lifters uses its proprietary Lice Lifters Lice Solution to kill all stages of live bugs in the head, leaving you noncontagious in 10 minutes.

When you or your child is experiencing the itching and annoying symptoms of head lice, it is important to get your head treated right away. Lice are extremely contagious, able to crawl from head to head, spreading like wildfire. No matter the precautions kids may take to avoid contracting head lice, it is common in sports, schools, camps, and locker rooms. Head lice will latch onto any strand of hair they can, creating a colony of eggs (nits) in a short amount of time.

Making an Lice Removal Appointment at our Treatment Center in NJ

Our clinically proven, Lice Lifters Treatment uses heated air to dry out any nits and head lice that are present in your hair. Our lice removal service is endorsed by pediatricians and implemented by experienced technicians. You can be confident that one visit to our NJ treatment center will leave you lice free.

We pride ourselves on the ability to remove head lice without the use of pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals.

When you live in Short Hills, or near by, make an appointment with Lice Lifters of Cranford for a quick and effective treatment that allows you to return to daily routine in no time!