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Even Head Lice Have New Year’s Resolutions

Lice Resolution #1.
Let’s get stronger!

Lice have become stronger every year and even have a new name Super Lice. The new strain of lice is ever growing do to the resistance of conventional pesticide lice products. Pesticide products like Rid, Nix, Sklice and prescriptions from Doctors are no longer getting the job done! According to a study published in New England Journal of Medicine, 60 percent of the lice are now resistant to pesticide treatments! Super Lice have thicker skeletons; Lice Lifters can penetrate these stronger lice all-naturally.

Lice Resolution #2.
Live life to the fullest and Travel more!

Head to Head contact is how lice travel 90% of the time. But sometimes they like to venture off the head onto other exciting places. Their favorite way to travel is hats, combs, brushes, and pillows. Lice like to venture off any chance they can get. Make sure you tell your children not to share any of these items.

Lice Resolution #3.
Expand the family!

Lice like to procreate. A female louse can lay up to 200 eggs in her life time. There is the potential for a lot of kids. Lice Lifters can easily shorten their lifespan and destroy the eggs. Once the female louse is impregnated she is able to lay eggs the rest of her lice. The best way to deal with a lice infestation is to go to Lice Lifters for a head check. Let Lice Lifters design a plan for you and your family today.

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